Rayquaza Legendary Raid Hour runs today from 6 to 7 PM

Trainers gather up. Legendary Raid Hour is back, taking place at 6 PM local time in your area. From 6 PM to 7 PM, every gym in your area will spawn a Tier 5 Egg containing Rayquaza. Get your Rayqyaza’s counter ready.

Rayqyaza’s Counters:

Mamoswine (Powder Snow/Avalanche)

Glaceon (Frost Breath/Avalanche)
Weavile (Ice Shard/Avalanche)
Mewtwo ( Psycho Cut/ Ice Beam)
Jynx (Frost Breath/Avalanche)

Articuno (Frost Breath/Ice Beam)
Regice (Frost Breath/Blizzard)

In general, all ICE Type Pokemons can be used to counter Rayquaza.

Happy Catching Trainers!

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Rayquaza Raid hour today between 6 to 7 local time (14th August 2019)

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